Cape to Cape Expedition



The Team

Team Leader: Steve Burgess

Yorkshire farmer producing quality Aberdeen Angus beef cattle and spending every available opportunity discovering the world from the exploring the mountains of Yugoslavia as a teenager to reccying the coast of Panama by dug out canoe. Other expeditions include Ethiopian Highlands, Darien rainforest, Bering Strait and Ultar glacier, Hunza. Steve also competes in mountain marathons such as KIMM.

Steve drove a Landrover from Yorkshire all the way across Russia from West to East through Siberia in winter and then crossed the Bering Strait to Wales, Alaska in 2009. He is the First person to have driven across the Strait.

Since then he has been working on the farm and planning other expeditions. He is currently planning an attempt on the record for driving a vehicle to the highest point - this is on Ojos de Saldo in Chile.

Currently he is planning a Pacific to Atlantic crossing of Colombia up the Rio San Juan, over the Lost Raspadura Canal and down the Rio Atrato.




Simon Dedman  

Simon founded West Riding Milk Testing along with his wife Julie 20 years ago and this is how he came to meet Steve. He is an avid traveller and has completed many expeditions across Africa and Asia in his own vehicle.

Simon drove from Moscow to Uelen in Siberia across the frozen tundra with Steve in the winter of 2008.






Andrew Heading  

Andrew is part of the team canoeing in Colombia. He is a photographer by profession and also runs an online shop which supplies kit for Ultra and Mountain Marathons.  Racekit - Outdoor Equipment Retailer 

In his own words " A love of cycling was inherited from my parents, and the biking bug really took hold in my twenties during a year-long trip across the Sahara Ė although, ironically, itís cold-weather competition that appeals much more now.  In 2001, I managed to stay frostbite-free to win the Iditasport Impossible across 1,100 miles of frozen Alaska, and followed that up by winning the 430-mile Yukon Arctic Ultra foot race in 2007.   Iíve also creaked, crawled and stumbled across the finish lines of the Transalp, Cristalp, Trans-Poland and Grand Raid Reunion, as well as some of the UKís longer races like the Derwent Watershed, Fellsman and OMM. I'm currently the official photogapher to the European Athletic Association, which gives me a great insight into the competitive benefits of not eating too much cake, and the UK rep for the Yukon Arctic Ultra."







Nicky Spinks

Farmer and fell runner. Spent two years exploring Africa, Asia and the former Russian republics with Steve. A qualified Cat IX skydiver and Open Water Diver Nicky now excels in fell running. Competing regularly in long distance and navigation events she completed the Bob Graham in 2005 - 72 miles, 27,000 ft ascent in less than 24 hours.

In June 2006 Nicky was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks to prompt attention and immediate surgery it was removed. She is now  fully recovered and completed the Paddy Buckley in May 2007 and the Charlie Ramsay Round in 2008 To read all about it go to:  Run BG website


Dan Evans

Director of Protection and Performance Ltd manufacturing bespoke roll cages and preparation of vehicles for racing. The company has designed and built the winning vehicles in all classes of the British Off Road Championships. Dan has been involved in motor sport and off-road driving since 1989 and has competed in both the UK and Europe himself.

Dan was the other person in the Amphibious Landrover when it crossed the Bering Strait. Without Dan's onboard mechanical skills it is unlikely the Landrover would have survived!

Link to:  Protection and Performance